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Are you a BSM alum? Are you currently a student on the BSM program? Then we want you to contribute your information and stories from your experience abroad.

Step 1: Register

Anyone interested in the BSM program can register. Go to the registration page. Note: you must be registered to make changes to this Wiki.

Step 2: Learn Wikitext

Wiki text is a very simple language to learn--it's almost as easy as writing plane text. To practice Wikitext, we have developed a Sandbox where you can practice your skills. Also, check out Wikipedia and contribute to gain practice. You can click the edit button at the top of any page to see how the page was created.

For more information, take the tutorial developed by Wikipedia: Wikipedia Tutorial

Step 3: Contribute!

If you find a page this is lacking content, feel free to contribute. Remember: this Wiki is written by the current and former students of the program. This is maintained by the students and not the personnel involved with the BSM program. So be nice, do no evil. We don't want to censor any content, but if you have any questions on the type of information can go onto this Wiki, visit our policy page.

See Pages needing attention for places to start editing.

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