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MTA Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
Reáltanoda utca 13-15.
Budapest, Hungary, H-1053

Research interest

My main research areas are combinatorics and group theory. At the moment, I am working in various topics related to limits of discrete structures. This field is connected to combinatorics, ergodic theory and probability theory.

Recent work

Limits of combinatorial structures: an analytic approach that considers large structures as approximations of infinite analytic objects and creates new connections between analysis, combinatorics, probability theory, group theory and ergodic theory.

Higher order Fourier analysis: a theory of higher order structures in compact abelian groups, which proves general inverse theorems and regularity lemmas for Gowers uniformity norms.

On Sidorenko's conjecture: roughly speaking, Sidorenko's conjecture says that the density of any given bipartite graph in a graph with fixed edge density is minimized by the random graph.